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An environment where our child can thrive


Marie* and George* have a six-year-old son. Amidst their own demanding schedules, they felt they had to rush their child from one activity to another. They found themselves resorting to threats, ordering, criticising, using authority to get their child to “comply” with their rules. But any results were short-lived; their child’s behaviour did not change and instead he began to retreat and avoid them. The couple had read multiple books around positive parenting or mindful parenting, but nothing really provided practical tools on how to address real life situations. The theory sounded great but difficult to put into practice.


Key learnings

Marie and George welcomed the opportunity to candidly discuss their struggles and work through a P.E.T framework relevant to their family’s needs. When the couple discovered ‘active listening’, they endeavoured to put their new-found skill to use immediately. They also used the Behaviour Window to help guide them through various situations.



Marie comments: “Just in the first few weeks of PET, we were able to see the benefits of active listening and found a shift in mood, energy and mindset with our child. Having the behaviour window – which is so powerful – to help guide us through situations makes it easier to tackle each time. Finally, it gives us the confidence that we can provide an environment where our child can thrive and the entire family can be in harmony. We definitely have a lot of practising to do and it requires setting an intention every day”.



*Names and personal details have been changed to protect confidentiality.