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Author: o_uMali

Throughout my career, I've heard countless client stories from or involving fathers – some heartwarming, some challenging, and some complex. Most fathers enter into parenthood with the best intentions, striving to create a loving home. To the dedicated dads I've worked with, your pure love and unwavering commitment, even in moments

As a parenting instructor, one of the most profound questions I've encountered is: "What do I do when my child is exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity?" This question touches the core of parental love and concern, often revealing a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties. Here's a step-by-step guide

  Mark once described himself as a nag. His every evening was spent yelling at his teenage children to eat less junk food and not bring their phones to the dining table. Shouting, threats, punishments – nothing seemed to break their habits and Mark, a single dad, began to dread going

Can P.E.T. skills stand the test of time? Coming from a family where her parents held authoritative roles and obedience was deemed the sole measure of being a good child,  Nadia felt she lacked the necessary skills to engage with her own two children. Her eldest child, then 9, possessed a

Then Kaesha* was raised by a permissive mother and an authoritarian father, which resulted in a conflict-filled childhood. Wanting to give her three children a safe and peaceful childhood, she dedicated all her time to raising them and considered herself selfish for putting her own needs first. But she often found

Then Marie* and George* have a six-year-old son. Amidst their own demanding schedules, they felt they had to rush their child from one activity to another. They found themselves resorting to threats, ordering, criticising, using authority to get their child to “comply” with their rules. But any results were short-lived; their