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Chaos to connection: bringing harmony to the family home

My children’s behaviour used to confuse and frustrate me. I would shout at them if they left their school shoes and bags on the floor when they got home from school; I’d tell them to shut up if they cried because I found it too noisy, and I would hit them if they failed at school never thinking to give them the time to explain themselves. As a single mum, parenting became increasingly stressful and unrewarding.

Then I began to learn about Parent Effectiveness Training and skills such as active listening, communication roadblocks, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills that helped me to develop and deepen my connection with my children, enabling me to understand the feelings and needs behind their behaviours. These skills have allowed me to get to know my children better and be there for them: they now share any social or academic challenges they are facing, knowing they can trust me to be there for them to support them without judgement. The No Lose Method to resolve conflicts has also been hugely beneficial for my family, ensuring we all feel happy knowing our needs have been met.

I also learned the importance of the three types of time and now try to find balance between alone time, one-to-one time, and family time.

I’m pleased to say I now have a strong and healthy relationship with my children, thanks to the parenting skills I have gained.