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Celebrating Parents Day

Today Marks Global Parents Day

Global Parents Day

A day to mark the importance of parents in our life. It is befitting therefore that today also marks the day Gordon Parenting and RUN Hong Kong celebrate new P.E.T graduates from the RUN Refugee Center! Their authenticity and commitment to learning ways to connect and communicate with their children is truly heart-warming.

Here are some of their sharings:

“I feel I had a great opportunity to study P.E.T because it changed my life.”

“I recommend this course to others because it reduces the risk of child abuse.”

“Before I don’t listen to my kids and I always want them to do what I want. Now, I listen to them and I see cooperation in our family.”

“My relationship with my kids have improved a lot. Before PET I was the ‘master’.”

May every parent have the support they need to do and live well on their journey, and may every child be raised with an abundance of love, compassion and meaningful connection, today and always.