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New Year Resolutions: tips to make them stick

For many, a New Year represents an opportunity to reflect on the past year and resolve to improve in the year ahead. Yet, research shows many of us struggle to stick to our resolutions in part because they’re too broad and lack specificity.

Take the resolution to ‘Yell Less’, for example.

Like all resolutions, yelling less requires awareness, action, and acceptance:


Awareness: Ask yourself why you’re yelling. Perhaps you’re stressed and overwhelmed, caught in a generational cycle, feel you’re not being heard, or not getting any time to yourself. Remember, with awareness comes action.

Action: To get to the specifics, ask yourself what you can do to stop yelling. Perhaps you could learn more empowering ways to communicate with your children, so you’re listening to each other and feeling heard. Or schedule personal or couple time, so you have the space to recharge your batteries.

Acceptance: Recognise your small victories and struggles. Yelling less – like many resolutions – is a work-in-progress. We may have hours or days or weeks when we’re achieving our goals only to slip up and feel we’ve failed. But if we slip up, let’s not give up. Instead, we can continue to stick to our resolutions by gaining awareness, taking action and holding acceptance.


Here’s to 2024 – a year to make our resolutions stick!

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