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Not all problems are mine to solve

Cathy is child-free. It was communication with her spouse, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and more she was looking to strengthen. Caring for the needs and challenges of all often weighed her down and her personal wellbeing featured low on her list of priorities.


Key Learnings

Through P.E.T., Cathy learnt about the Behaviour Window. Identifying the No Problem area and owning what is your own problem -v- someone else’s problem was liberating.


Cathy comments: ‘It has given me more freedom in my life as not all problems are mine to solve. Knowing which ones I own and cause allow me to acknowledge and find resolutions for them. In addition, this has opened my eyes to accept certain situations beyond my control and make better decisions that can bring harmony and peace to my life”.



Cathy believes the toolkit and skills P.E.T. teaches has improved her communication with everyone she crosses paths with. Through P.E.T., she has learnt to communicate her own priorities and find balance in caring for self and others in her life.


Cathy concludes: “P.E.T. has also helped me acknowledge what’s missing in my life that I need to bring in to find joy and re-energize my environment. This requires changing perspective, approaches and priorities. And to be ok with it.”