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Many of the concepts learned in the P.E.T. course, such as Active Listening, I-messages and No-Lose problem solving are applicable to all kinds of family relationships, not just with children. I found the skills to be particularly helpful during quarantine when emotions can run high and dealing with conflicts in the family particularly challenging.

Although some of these concepts and skills will take time before I feel I can apply them confidently and smoothly, the P.E.T Behavior Window framework offers a helpful reference guide for analyzing the situation and finding more appropriate responses.

I also very much appreciated how there was time in the course for critical self-reflection before we were introduced to alternative approaches for interaction. The discussions with classmates were both reassuring and enriching: reassuring to hear I was not alone in my experiences and enriching when ideas were openly shared and discussed. The class activities made the learning more personal and helped me discover what I first needed to change in myself in order to handle issues and communicate with the family in more meaningful and effective ways.

A profound and insightful learning experience that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to enhance their family relationships.


Ms. Judy Holt, Hong Kong
My husband Daniel and I decided to pursue the P.E.T. program because we wanted to be better parents to our growing teenagers. Teenage years can be challenging to navigate, and the P.E.T. techniques and skills contribute to a deeper, more enriching relationship with our kids. Some people think that Active Listening isn’t that important. But I tell you, it’s a huge game-changer! It’s easy to snap at kids when you feel they aren’t behaving in the most polite way. But P.E.T. taught us that they have a need that hasn’t been met. If we were strategic and analysed these ‘difficult’ scenarios in the most logical way, we could foster a calm environment to help reduce the stress.
Odette was so patient with us. Sometimes, Daniel and I did not see eye to eye on situations, but she helped us break down barriers and work on a solution that was a win-win for all. Odette, we are excited to do follow-up classes with you, and our kids can also benefit from them.
Thank you again; we highly recommend this program!


Rosa Tseng, Hong Kong

I attended a P.E.T club online facilitated by Odette, and found it to be such an eye-opener. I now realize it is possible to meet my kids’ needs and my own needs. I have two school-age kids, work full-time, and always assumed that raising kids would naturally be full of conflicts, disagreements, and hurt feelings. I learned that parenting does not have to be this way if we could only see things from a different perspective and use the skills taught to us. With a teen and a tween in the house, I am grateful to have P.E.T as a resource and Odette as a guide!


Mitcho Gervacio, New York, USA

Thank you, Odette Umali, for being a great facilitator and instructor sharing this program and spending valuable time with my two sisters, educating and sharing with us the tools and skills Parent Effectiveness Training teaches. A skill that not only applies to parent-child relationships but also sibling relationships, relationships with our spouses, our parents, friends, and co-workers. I can’t thank Odette enough for introducing me to this program that she strongly believes in and practices.

Watching her walk the talk and sharing real-life experiences and challenges makes this process relatable, realistic, and personal! I wish we knew this earlier, but hey, it’s never too late, and I’m glad I’m learning it now and can apply it to my life in the future. Plus, I’m so glad I’m able to share this with my wonderful sisters, who will be my reminders and support as we go through this journey together!


Cathy Say, Oregon USA

Odette is so involved and dedicated.  She is very engaging and motivating in her teaching style, compassionate, and very sensitive to students.


Alexia Schamisso, Hong Kong

Odette is a passionate and very generous P.E.T teacher, offering her knowledge and expertise to vulnerable refugee mothers. Her patience and kindness are immense, and she will support anyone to become a better parent!


Virginie Goethals, Hong Kong

I have worked with Odette for some years and think very highly of her. The dedication and commitment she shows the parents and families she works with is outstanding, and she has a real impact on families through the work she does with P.E.T. Any parent will benefit from participating in one of Odette’s programs.


Mark Harrison, Hong Kong

Attending the Parent Effectiveness Training before the birth of our first child was an invaluable experience. Odette shared plenty of good thoughts and ideas that will surely be helpful in the future.


Niels Schlesier, Hong Kong

I highly recommend Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) because it teaches you practical skills not only for your kids but for your partner as well. The skills apply to all child age groups. Being a single mom, I need all the tools I can learn to “develop a warm, intimate relationship based on mutual love and respect.” Dr. Thomas Gordon is a genius for providing these methods.

Odette, thank you for teaching P.E.T. You are an amazing instructor!


Candace Arillo, California, USA

Odette is an amazing instructor who guided us in finding ways to become better parents. All those times, I thought my six-year-old daughter was not meeting my expectations. But during the course, I learned to discover the real feelings behind her “unacceptable behaviors” by active listening and putting method III to work. I now have a healthy and happy relationship with my daughter and the people around me thanks to Odette!


Winnie Fang, Hong Kong

It is a great course; I joined twice and solved a lot of problems between me, my son, and my husband! The course gave me a systematic solutions to all problems I met and would meet during the process of my child’s growth. I am confident I can be a better mom and wife because of this course. Thank you so much for helping, Odette!


Yuvonne Pang Sze Wan, Hong Kong

Great class with Odette Umali. Odette is a great teacher who is imparting the wonderful framework we need as parents. We had a fun class full of laughter as well as shared problems.


Richard Wickes, Hong Kong

I found this approach to be so helpful, and I signed up to become an instructor! P.E.T. has really changed my relationship with my son, increased my patience, and given me more confidence as a father. Taking it together with my wife amplified all the benefits between us as well. Highly recommended for any parents.


Dr. Brent E. Horner, Hong Kong

Odette is very good at explaining the concepts and methods of being effective parents. Her classes are very interesting and inspiring.


Michelle Hung, Hong Kong

Odette is a great instructor. Super helpful and inspiring.  She shared good stories and tips on parenting.


Yihan Sun, Hong Kong

Great demeanor! Odette always has very relevant practical examples on hand to reinforce lessons.


Tony Carango, Hong Kong

Odette has been excellent in the course. She allows people to talk more and just have the freedom to say anything.  It is such an open environment and I feel comfortable expressing anything in the process. I learnt so much.  It is such a fun atmosphere to be in and very conducive to learning.


Mary Ann Sproule, Hong Kong

I have attended a lot of talks but Odette was, by far, the most efficient, clear, and concise allowing enough time to impart her knowledge, practice our skills, and give proper feedback.


Cheryl Sy, Manila

Very clear and engaging, and Odette adjusted the talk to suit our demographic and culture.


Ronna Sieh, Manila/New York